Concrete Audio: Loudspeaker system N1

Special concrete for sound connoisseurs and design aficionados

Perceiving instruments naturally, the singer’s breath, the sound of a string on the fingerboard or the movement of an ensemble on stage – sound connoisseurs want all of this when their own four walls need to substitute the concert hall or live stage. The N1 concrete loudspeaker system from Concrete Audio transports the complete sound spectrum into any space, making every nuance tangible. And it’s also a cool eye-catcher for the trendy home.

Cement, sand, water, in other words concrete, are the materials for the N1 loudspeaker system. “The inadequacies of existing audio systems and the search for the perfect sound gave us the motivation to develop a loudspeaker that also satisfies the most exacting demands on sound and listening enjoyment”, says Frank Nebel, founder of Concrete Audio, explaining his reasons for choosing concrete, the tough material that is castable in almost any shape and, most importantly, resistant to vibration.

Concrete Audio manufactures N1’s housing from special high-strength concrete. Its high specific gravity and amorphous structure, Concrete Audio say, reliably prevent the housing of these high-end loudspeakers from oscillating and corrupting the sound. In a special casting process, the housing is produced in a single mould that is closed and sealed on all sides. This monolithic structure is lined internally with various viscoelastic layers of sound-dampening materials to prevent any reflections.

For sound-related reasons, Concrete Audio dispenses with any bass reflection tuning. This results in an extremely low distortion factor and audible precision even at very high levels. The manufacturer uses drivers from the Danish company Scan Speak which has an international reputation of being a strong innovator. These make it possible to configure the signal path with a very small number of selected components: 6-dB filters fitted with copper foil coils and
special concrete for sound connoisseurs and design aficionados silver-gold capacitors of the finest quality. According to the manufacturer, this produces are extensively loss-free signal path while permitting very direct control of the linear-tuned selected pairs of precision drivers.

Frank Nebel: “The sound produced by an N1 is brilliant and rich in detail with extremely fine nuances pervading a room in high definition. All instruments are distinctly positioned in the panorama, voices clearly structured and natural. Bass comes in when it’s needed. The overall impression remains pleasantly neutral. Nothing is added or omitted – in short: music in pristine form.”

The exquisite design goes well with contemporary home environments. It consistently meets the functional requirements without neglecting the demands
of aesthetic style. The N1 loudspeaker system is capable of conjuring exceptional spatial settings that place the spotlight on qualities, such as listening, feeling and seeing. Each loudspeaker is unique – identical in shape and surface quality, individual in terms of its grain. The surface provides several sealing options to underscore the material’s natural feel.

Sales, delivery as well as positioning and calibration are handled directly through Concrete Audio. Worldwide, the company gives its customers the opportunity to sample the loudspeaker systems in exclusive showrooms or live with them for 14 days in their own surroundings without obligation.