Nils Landgren about Concrete Audio N1

“Concrete Audio is not only refering to the material the speakers are made of but also to the sound, being just that, concrete. I have never in my life heard Chet Baker sound so good! If you are looking for concrete sound, check out Concrete Audio.”

Nils Landgren, musician & producer


We love mu­sic.
Au­then­tic and crisp. Ac­cen­tu­ated and rich in de­tail.
We are fas­ci­nated by sound.

To per­ceive in­stru­ments nat­u­rally, to feel every nu­ance. The breath of the singer. The sound of a string on the fin­ger­board. The move­ment of an en­sem­ble on stage.

Pure, vivid and in­tense, our loud­speaker sys­tems trans­port the com­plete sound spec­trum into any space. Nu­ances are so tan­gi­ble.
Be­cause we love mu­sic.

We de­sign and pro­duce unique loud­speaker sys­tems of time­less el­e­gance and im­pres­sive dy­nam­ics. Made of con­crete.

CONCRETE AUDIO® – The Loud­speaker Manufac­tory in Ger­many.


Ce­ment, sand, wa­ter

are the es­sen­tial in­gre­di­ents of a ma­te­r­ial whose recipe was al­ready known dur­ing the Ro­man Em­pire – con­crete.

Re­fined by a va­ri­ety of ad­di­tional in­gre­di­ents, con­crete today has evolved into a high-tech prod­uct with highly var­ied ap­pli­ca­tions. Re­silient, durable, and pourable into al­most any form and es­pe­cially, largely re­sis­tant to vi­bra­tion.

Concrete forms, by its very na­ture, the per­fect base for the hous­ing of our loud­speak­ers.

The cur­ing process makes each a unique loud­speaker – iden­ti­cal in shape and sur­face qual­ity, but in­di­vid­u­ally in terms of the grain.
The smooth surface resembles cut stone and can be sealed with oil, wax or polish. If desirable it can also be lacquered or real wood veneered.


The idea of a hous­ing made out of con­crete came to us dur­ing a con­ver­sa­tion between friends about the ul­ti­mate sound for loudspeak­ers. We con­cluded:

con­crete is per­fect yet hard to re­strain.

Thus an equally elab­o­rate and pas­sion­ate ex­per­i­ment be­gan, ex­e­cuted and car­ried out by su­perb hand-crafts­man­ship and at­ten­tion to de­tail.

Af­ter sev­eral years of de­vel­op­ment and nu­mer­ous test runs, we fi­nally found the ideal so­lu­tions for the de­sign of the mold, the con­struc­tion and the spe­cial mix of the ma­te­ri­als and founded the loud­speaker fac­tory CONCRETE AUDIO.

Our speaker sys­tems are pro­duced in a lim­ited edi­tion in Ger­many.

Each in­di­vid­ual piece is be­ing worked on un­til it meets re­quire­ments for the high­est qual­ity.

Why concrete?

Unlike the body of a musical instrument, good loudspeaker housing should not vibrate, as modern drivers (the actual loudspeaker in the box) today render the full sound spectrum linearly. But if the housing itself does vibrate due to its construction or materials (wood, plastic), then those vibrations affect performance by amplifying or diminishing certain sympathetic frequencies within the sound spectrum. It is a complicated physical process with a simple and clearly audible consequence:

The music does not sound original, it sounds distorted and unnatural. Here, the difference with musical instruments is clear. It is desirable that the natural resonant frequencies of a violin body should colour the instruments sound. It is only in this way that timbre comes to distinguish a Stradivarius from other violins. The only sound that should be heard from a good loudspeaker is the input signal, nothing more and nothing less.

Concrete is:

Very heavy.

Its weight and high density prevent it from vibrating. 

Irregularly structured.

Vibrations can not spread. 

Castable in any form.

It is possible to cast a very robust loudspeaker housing with one single pour.

We man­u­fac­ture the hous­ing of our loud­speak­ers made from high-strength con­crete.

By means of a spe­cial cast­ing process, the hous­ing is cast out of one sin­gle body with all sides closed and sealed. The monolithic structure has no internal walls in parallel and is lined with different layers of sound absorbing materials to prevent any possible reflections. The result is a resonance free housing that lets the driver function as it is intended.

Music in its original form.

The F1 is an innovative multipurpose wall mounted loudspeaker designed for use in different spaces and to compliment interior design – Ultra flat, active and wireless.

fraunhofer-logoPatented array-technique of the Fraunhofer IDMT – 41 electrodynamic mini-speakers act like one large
membrane, allowing for a total depth of only 32 millimetres and giving a convincing performance.

Audiofly Syncronice wireless

Audiofly HighEnd Wireless Audio – Listen to music in CD quality with a smartphone, tablet or streamer.

Enjoy synchronised sound from a TV or games console without delays.

Uncomplicated & individually

The F1 is simple to install and operate.

Decorative – Stand out with a pure concrete design or choose from a wide range of colours and surface finishes.

Discreet – Combine the F1 with aluminum or real wooden frames or add a reversible cover with individual motif.

Winner German Design Award

“This innovative product is a high-end loudspeaker made of concrete – flat as a picture, completely active and wireless. Concrete Audio combines an ultra-flat concrete body and the patented array technology developed by Fraunhofer IDMT in a single innovative loudspeaker system. 41 miniature loudspeakers work like a large membrane and deliver a convincing performance. Concrete has a strong inner dampening effect and is also very dense, and the two spell ideal acoustic properties. 
Purist elegance with cutting-edge technology.”

Silvia Olp, Hartmut Schürg, Dörte Sievers (Jury German Design Award)


Concrete, monolithically poured
2-way closed-box, aktive (Class-D, DSP), Subwoofer S1
Frequency range:
30 Hz – 20,000 Hz (incl. Subwoofer S1)
Dimensions (H x W x D):
F1 57,5 cm (22.6 in) x 39 cm (15.4 in) x 3,2 cm (1.3 in)
S1 26,0 cm (10.2 in) x 26,0 (10.2 in) cm x 56,0 cm (22 in)
Net weights:
F1 12 kg (26.4 lbs)
S1 29 Kg (64 lbs)
Line-In Cinch
Line-In 3.5 mm jack plug
Audiofly Syncronice wireless
Bluetooth wireless
Remote control:

The technical data of the CONCRETE AUDIO F1 is the result of an extensive acoustic survey by the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT, Ilmenau. The data was charted using a low reflection chamber of the Class 1 (according to ISO 3745) to Requirements of DIN 60268-5.

Technical data Audiofly Syncronice wireless device:

48 kHz, 16 bit I2S Digital Audio
20 Hz to 21 kHz Frequency Response
2.4 GHz Frequency Band
High Quality of Service (QoS)
Very high signal stability with adaptive frequency hopping.
Inaudible delay with extremely low latency
HPX™ Audiocodec
THD+N better than 0,01%
All systems run without drivers and Apps
Fast and simple expansion
24 bit, 96 kHz Stereo D/A- Convertor from Cirrus Logic

Here you will find our current retail price listings.

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The N1 is a passive floorstanding loudspeaker designed for a completely natural sound reproduction without any loss of quality.

The housing of the N1 is cast with
a single pour, all sides are closed.
For reasons of sound we dispense
with bass reflex tuning. That’s how
we achieve outstanding low bass
with extremely low distortion factor
and precision at very high levels.


The high-end dri­vers, built into our sys­tems, are char­ac­ter­ized by ab­solute ac­cu­racy,
speed and fi­delity. The sig­nal path is equipped with a very small num­ber of se­lected
com­po­nents. We use a 6dB fil­ter, fit­ted with cop­per foil coils and sil­ver-gold
ca­pac­i­tors of very high qual­ity as well as VOVOX Textura internal wiring. The re­sult is a largely loss-free sig­nal path and a very
di­rect con­trol of the lin­early co­or­di­nated and se­lected pairs of pre­ci­sion-dri­vers.

Com­bined with our high-strength con­crete hous­ings, we pro­duce a high qual­ity loud­speaker sys­tem – CONCRETE AUDIO N1

Nils Landgren about Concrete Audio N1

“Concrete Au­dio is not on­ly re­fe­ring to the ma­te­ri­al the spea­kers are ma­de of but al­so to the sound, being just that, con­cre­te.
 I ha­ve ne­ver in my life heard Chet Baker sound so good!
 If you are loo­king for con­cre­te sound, check out Concrete Au­dio.”

Nils Land­gren, mu­si­ci­an & pro­du­cer

AUDIO about Cocrete Audio N1

„You’re allowed to fall in love with this speaker. It is exceptionally streamlined, from the crossover  to the drivers. Even the finest, softest impulses are  on point. The bass drops down astonishingly low and satisfies with strong-contoured presence. Altogether this speaker is as sensual as it is sensible. Smooth, coherent and big. A loud bravo to Weimar!“

Andreas Günther, AUDIO


Frequency range:
Power handling:
Total Harmonic Distortion:
Nominal impedance:
Crossover frequency:
Internal wiring:
Net weight:

Concrete, monolithically poured
2-way closed-box, passive
34 Hz – 40,000 Hz
100 W
83 dB (1 W/1 m)
< 1% at 90 dB SPL (1 m), f > 100 Hz
4 Ohms
6 dB/2,000 Hz
VOVOX Textura

110 cm (43,3 in)
23 cm (9,1 in)
33 cm (13 in)
80 kg (176 lbs)

The technical data of the CONCRETE AUDIO N1 is the result of an extensive acoustic survey by the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT, Ilmenau. The data was charted using a low reflection chamber of the Class 1 (according to ISO 3745) to Requirements of DIN 60268-5.

Here you will find our current retail price listings.

Preisliste EU (deutsch)
Price list EU (english)
Price list Non-EU/World (english)

The list for countries of the European Union (EU) includes tax (VAT). Net prices are shown for all other regions.
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The B1 is an active bookshelf speaker for straightforward enjoyment of music in its best possible quality.

The equipment with a fullrange driver
and two opposed midwoofers in an enclosed
concrete cabinet devoid of resonance,
enables the listener to experience extremely
vivid and faithful sound.

Concrete  – monolithical, devoid of resonance

Concrete Audio cabinets are formed in a single pour,
achieving a solidity unreachable by a cabinet made of
separate components joined together.
Solid as a rock, concrete provides an ideal base for
uninhibited driver expansion, free of interfering
At buyers option au naturel, varnished, coloured or
real wood veneered.

Class-D + DSP

Efficient Class-D technology and multifaceted
adaptability via a digital signal processor (DSP)
render the B1 a full-featured sound system with
countless options, only to be completed by a
source of your choice.

Plug and Play

Connect the B1 fast and reliable with your music server,
streamer, tablet or smartphone, wired or wireless and enjoy
concert atmosphere at home.


Concrete, monolithically poured
2-way closed-box, active (Class-D, DSP)
Frequency range:
45 Hz – 20.000 Hz
Power handling (RMS/max.):
120 / 240 W
Total Harmonic Distortion:
< 0,07 %
92 dB
DSP Sampling Frequency:
48 kHz
DSP resolution:
56 Bit
DSP speed:
50 MHz
AD converter resolution:
24 Bit
DA converter resolution:
24 Bit
– Line-In, Jack-Socket 3.5 mm, 10 kOhms, 0.2 V / 2.0 V RMS
– Sub-Out, Jack-Socket 3.5 mm
– Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR und aptX-codec-support
– Audiofly Syncronice (optional)
Remote control:
Dimensions (HxWxD):
39 cm x 16 cm x 29.5 cm
15.4 in x 6.3 in x 11.6 in
18 kg (39.7 lbs)

Here you will find our current retail price listings.

Preisliste EU (deutsch)
Price list EU (english)
Price list Non-EU/World (english)

The list for countries of the European Union (EU) includes tax (VAT). Net prices are shown for all other regions.
Please contact us, to inquire about the shipping costs for your country.


Ex­pe­ri­ence CONCRETE AUDIO

Con­vince your­self of the qual­ity of CONCRETE AUDIO Loud­speaker-Sys­tems and make an ap­point­ment for an ex­clu­sive lis­ten­ing-test in our show­room in the city of the Clas­sics, in Weimar.

In ad­di­tion to that, we of­fer you the op­por­tu­nity to ex­pe­ri­ence our loud­speak­ers in your own rooms.

Look for­ward to a unique sound ex­pe­ri­ence. En­joy mu­sic in its orig­i­nal form.


We will be presenting our products at the worlds largest convention for HiFi again this year May 9th-12th, visit us at MOC Munich, Hall 4, booth N08.

For the first time, renowned magazine AUDIO tested different concrete speakers. The N1 won the test and is the only speaker to be accepted into the AUDIO best lists „REFERENCE CLASS” with 101 points.

On January 18th 2018, by invitation of SB5ÜNF, we designed a part of the 2nd issue of Beton:Kontexte, an event which may be unique in its successful union of construction, concrete, art and culture.

This year we celebrated the premiere of the new bookshelf loudspeaker B1. Active and wireless the small powerhouse promises uncomplicated sound experience in best quality.

Furthermore we presented a second version of the subwoofer S1 for the first time.

Thanks to all visitors for your positive feedback!

From 27th September to 02nd October we showcase a selection of our products at VT Wonen&Design Beurs, Amsterdam.

Many thanks to Michael Wongso of Dune Blue Audio for his great support!

We were Invited by STIFT Thüringen to present on the 14th of June at the Erfurt theatre, a selection of our products at Investor Days Thüringen.

Fotos ©STIFT

On the 2nd June the first meeting of the forum Beton:Kontexte took place at the Lokhalle, Natur-Park Südgelände. The exciting event, organised by SB5ÜNF Berlin, was a great beginning to what hopefully will become a long running series of events. We showed the F1/S1 in combination on a exposed concrete wall by SB5ÜNF.

Along side the N1 and F1 this year, we showed the new On-Wall Subwoofer S1.
Warm thanks for the interesting conversations we had with the many visitors to our stand.

We look forward to High End 2017!

Concrete Audio loudspeakers are available in various finishes.

The new option is real wood veneered, like “Black Walnut” shown here. A solid concrete enclosure is hidden inside.

We present the F1 at Las Vegas CES, the world biggest consumer electronics show.

We meet Roy Gregory from Audiobeat. He is writing an article for the „First Sounds“ column and we agree on a second meeting in his listening room.

Our gracious host is KJ Westone, a well-established, sophisticated hifi store in London City.

Review N1, Roy Gregory,

In May each year the HiFi world comes together in Munich.

We present the N1 and F1 and our partner Syncronice/Audiofly.

The N1 travels to Rotterdam. We are guests at Multifoon Hifi. For 35 years they have been attending with great engagement to the topic of High End.

René van Es comes für some prolonged hear-sessions and writes an article.

Review N1, René van Es,

The F1 Flat Panel Speaker Sys­tem by CONCRETE AUDIO in Weimar wins one of the lead­ing ger­man de­sign prices, the Ger­man De­sign Award 2015.

The model F1 com­bines an ul­tra flat con­crete body with the patented ar­ray-tech­nol­ogy of the Fraun­hofer IDMT to form an in­no­v­a­tive speaker sys­tem. 41 elec­tro­dy­namic mini-speak­ers act like one large mem­brane, al­low­ing for a to­tal depth of only 32 mil­lime­tres and giv­ing a con­vinc­ing per­for­mance.

The en­clo­sure of the CONCRETE AUDIO F1 is made of spe­cial high-strength con­crete. This ma­te­r­ial re­li­ably pre­vents vi­bra­tions of the en­clo­sure. The cur­ing process makes each piece a unique loud­speaker - iden­ti­cal in shape and sur­face qual­ity, but in­di­vid­u­ally in terms of grain.

With a de­sign re­duced to the es­sen­tial, this loud­speaker can be hid­den or be an eye catcher, and there­fore har­monises with var­i­ous in­te­ri­ors. The F1 is placed, just like a pic­ture, di­rectly on the wall and can be con­nected wire­less and via ca­ble, re­spec­tively.

The Ger­man De­sign Award is the in­ter­na­tional pre­mium prize of the Ger­man De­sign Coun­cil. Prizes are awarded to high-qual­ity prod­ucts and pro­jects from prod­uct and com­mu­ni­ca­tions de­sign, de­sign per­son­al­i­ties and new­com­ers for their pi­o­neer­ing con­tri­bu­tions to the ger­man and in­ter­na­tional de­sign land­scape.

The pres­ti­gious Ger­man De­sign Award en­joys con­sid­er­able pub­lic at­ten­tion thanks to the rep­u­ta­tion of the award­ing body, the Ger­man De­sign Coun­cil, who has for the past sixty years rep­re­sented the ger­man de­sign scene. The goal of the Ger­man De­sign Award is to dis­cover, pre­sent and award prizes to ex­cep­tional de­sign trends.

The award cer­e­mony took place in Feb­ru­ary 13th, 2015 in Frank­furt.

We follow a friendly invitation of PUUR AVD and present the N1 together with Devialet to a exceedingly interested and competent auditory.

The sound of the fully active F1, on account of its depth of only 3 cm, caused astonished faces.

Posting at

Lately we were pleased to in­tro­duce the N1 to the swedish mu­si­cian and pro­ducer Nils Land­gren.

Af­ter­wards he sent this friendly note:

“Concrete Au­dio is not only refer­ing to the ma­te­r­ial the speak­ers are made of but also to the sound, be­ing just that, con­crete.
I have never in my life heard Chet Baker sound so good!
If you are look­ing for con­crete sound, check out Concrete Au­dio.”

Nils Land­gren, mu­si­cian & pro­ducer

In December 2014 we were guests of the pretty folk in Amsterdam. In relaxed ambience there was the chance to get into conversation with audio-purists and design-lovers.

Many thanks to you Michael at Dune Blue Audio for your great support.

The F1 Flat Panel Speaker Sys­tem by CONCRETE AUDIO in Weimar is now in with a chance to win this years most pres­ti­gious ger­man de­sign price, the Ger­man De­sign Award 2015.
The Ger­man De­sign Coun­cil re­cently an­nounced the nom­i­na­tion of CONCRETE AUDIO's F1 model for the Com­puter and En­ter­tain­ment sub­cat­e­gory of the Ex­cel­lent Prod­uct De­sign award.

The pres­ti­gious Ger­man De­sign Award en­joys con­sid­er­able pub­lic at­ten­tion thanks to the rep­u­ta­tion of the award­ing body, the Ger­man De­sign Coun­cil, who have for the past sixty years rep­re­sented the ger­man de­sign scene and for CONCRETE AUDIO the nom­i­na­tion alone is a ges­ture of the high­est dis­tinc­tion. The award cer­e­mony takes place in Feb­ru­ary 2015.

N1 speaker sys­tem and F1 con­crete flat panel speak­ers wow in Mu­nich at High End 2014!

We look back at the High End 2014 with pride.

The pre­sen­ta­tion of the hand fin­ished lim­ited edi­tion N1 speaker sys­tem made of ce­ment, sand,wa­ter and high tech thor­oughly fas­ci­nated both vis­i­tors and press alike. We re­ceived feed­back from in­ter­ested and ex­cited vis­i­tors through out the show

We also pre­sented our F1 flat panel speaker de­vel­oped in co­op­er­a­tion with the Fraun­hofer IDMT which sparked huge in­ter­est from vis­i­tors. The F1 speaker sys­tem is hung like a pic­ture on the wall. It has a depth of 32 mm, a weight of 12 kg and the op­tion of ei­ther ca­ble or wire­less con­trol.


We hear you!

Concrete Audio
Eduard-Rosenthal-Str. 30
99423 Weimar

phone: +49 (0)36422 204851
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