Cement, Sand, Water

Concrete Audio loudspeaker systems made of concrete at High End 2015 Munich

At this year´s High End, Europes leading show for high quality audio, Concrete Audio introduces a new on-wall speaker.

Last year at the High End show introduced as a study, the innovative draft has been developed into maturity and will be available from end of the year.

“The F1, a full active flat panel speaker made of concrete, is the result of a research cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Institut IDMT in Ilmenau.” explains Frank Nebel, owner of the speaker manufactury.

The ultra flat concrete body together with the patented array-technology forms an innovative speaker system. 41 electrodynamic mini-speakers act like one large membrane, allowing for a total depth of only 32 millimetres and giving a convincing performance.

The F1 is placed, just like a picture, directly on the wall and appears despite a weight of 12 kg very filigree.

The loudspeaker can be hidden or be an eye catcher, harmonises with various interiors, and, thanks to wireless connection, suits multi-room installation.

Especially, but not only for audio purists, Concrete Audio shows the passive floorstanding loudspeaker N1, designed for a completely natural sound reproduction without any loss of quality.

The enclosures are made of special high-strength concrete, that reliably prevents vibrations.

Concrete Audio speaker systems are produced in a limited edition in Germany.